April 7, 2021

Women empowering women – Keeping the tourism chain strong

Within the project ‘’Conversation in nature - Empowering women entrepreneurs’’ with UNDP Kosovo, we are still continuing the session of visits planned in the project. However, we would like to…
March 15, 2021

The hospitality of Fetije Nikqi – an entrepreneur woman in tourism

It all starts with a phone call and then a follow-up with a virtual meeting because we had the feeling that we have so much to discuss about Kosovo's mountains,…
January 5, 2021

New Year, New Hiking Adventures

After a tough year, most of us are full of hope and new goals for 2021. Are you also starting this new year with plenty of ‘New Year’ resolutions? Don’t…
December 17, 2020


Europe House offers spaces where citizens can attend debates and seek information on different topics and well as the European Union. On International Mountain Day, 11th of December, Uta had the joy…
November 17, 2020

Metamorphosis of humanity during COVID-19

2020, a critical year for our future and our Earth. There’s never been a more important time to make all outdoor activities as sustainable as possible. A blog from our…
March 20, 2020

Think Everest and Stay Home

These days, when we have been asked to stay home as much as possible, we all are looking for ideas that can make us feel productive. To those who are…
March 10, 2020

Workshop on winter camping with Butterfly Outdoor Adventure

For those who have at least once in their life visited a mountain, know that there are even more majestic in the winter season, making it hard not to simply…
December 10, 2019

New project for promoting Kosovo’s mountain tourism in Scandinavia

Butterfly Outdoor Adventure with a new project for promoting mountain tourism in Kosovo. Butterfly Outdoor has initiated a new project aiming to promote mountain tourism in Kosovo. As part of…
October 6, 2018

Peaks of the Balkan, written from our guide, Arben Lila

A holiday in Kosovo? Day 1| Prishtina City Tour The first Friday of that hot August 2018, I met Gabriela and Ruth at the "Adem Jashari" Airport the moment they…
July 17, 2017

A story for Kosovo and US: A holiday in Kosovo?

A holiday in Kosovo? By Florian Sanktjohanser Butterfly Outdoor Adventure organized a guided tour to Lufthanza Magazine and this is the article that they wrote for Kosovo: We have had enough…
March 14, 2017

USAID Kosovo Woman Leaders

USAID Kosovo Empower Program, have dedicated the month of March to Woman Leader of Kosovo. We are very happy that our CEO Uta Ibrahimi is one of #OurWomenLeaders of #USAIDKosovo.…
December 1, 2016

Nature Therapy: Hiking with Kosovo’s National Autism Association

Friday, November 25, was a great day for Butterfly. The team was honored to hike to Badovci Lake and visit the Prishtina Bear Sanctuary with our friends from the Kosovo…
November 25, 2016

A story for us: Hiking across Macedonia: finding remote contentment

Hiking across Macedonia: finding remote contentment By Alex Crevar  Lonely Planet Writer ‘One of the reasons I love hiking in this area is because you stay in the clouds and…
October 26, 2016

Nature Therapy: An Exciting Partnership with Kosovo’s National Autism Association

Natural Answers for Children with Autism A walk in the mountains is not just for landscape photo-ops, it can also help people with autism find relaxation. On Friday 21 October we…
October 20, 2016

A story for us: Chasing Mountains and Macchiato …

Chasing Mountains and Macchiato in Balkan By Jordan Campell  Lonely Planet Writer Kosovo was a conflict zone in the 1990s, but now this small Balkan nation—and its neighbors, Macedonia and Bulgaria—are emerging as southeastern…
October 14, 2016

Featured Guest: Ambassador Barbara Barrett

One of our recent guests was so inspiring, that we’ve decided to start a new series on our blog featuring some of our favorite visitors. We’ll start with former U.S.…
September 28, 2016

Reel Rock Tour

Together with Kosovo’s Rock Climbing Association, Marimangat, our founder helped organize the Reel Rock Tour in Peja in 2013 Part of the international REEL ROCK Film Tour, this event was…
September 16, 2016

Adventures in Kosovo, Lonely Planet article

A guide to outdoor adventures in Kosovo By BRIDGET NURRE JENNIONS Lonely Planet Writer 'Stand anywhere in Kosovo and you will feel the pull of the mountains. This small, diamond-shaped…
July 18, 2016

3 Ways to Explore Kosovo, Paste Magazine

Breathtaking Balkans: 3 Ways to Explore Kosovo By Sarah Bennett Paste Magazine Writer 'Kosovo might be the world’s youngest country but that doesn’t mean the tiny territory doesn’t pack as…