After a tough year, most of us are full of hope and new goals for 2021. Are you also starting this new year with plenty of ‘New Year’ resolutions? Don’t know about your bucket list, but we certainly suggest you add ‘spending more time in the outdoors and hiking’ at the top of your list. Hopefully, the vaccine will be effective and the pandemic COVID- 19 will come to an end, so we can get back to our daily routines with more freedom and fewer restrictions.


Our mountains have undoubtedly missed welcoming tourists from all over the world. With the new year ahead we have drafted our yearly strategy and truly hoping that this time the fortune is on our side, so we can apply our marvelous plans we have in mind for all of you. We’ve had a lot of time to think of all the best options through and through and prepared a lot of new itineraries, products, trips, and now more than ever our mountains are craving for some responsible visits. Our team is looking forward to welcoming guests and guide their hiking trips, including ski touring with top-quality equipment, in the suitable skiing terrains in the mountains of Kosovo and North Macedonia.

More sustainable new trips

For sure small changes can make a big difference. The year that we left behind was a very critical year for the future of our Earth, we are in the middle of the climate and biodiversity crisis. Environmental pollution is also one of the factors that also affect global warming, there’s never been a more urgent need to transform mountain walks and outdoor activities into a sustainable and symbiotic approach. On the way to hiking, we will encourage tourists to minimize their waste and we have decided that on every hiking trip, one of the main activities will be picking up all the waste that we find on the way back and take them and throw them in the designated places. Our duty to the world is to never stop working on this issue.

Butterfly’s mission was and will be to maintain the strength of the tourism chain. We make sure that every trip we make includes local people, local accommodation, and local transport, that’s how we build a stronger local economy.


We hope that this year will be more gentle with us and the Earth and filled with a lot of new adventures.