Mission Statement

Butterfly Outdoor Adventure was founded in 2016 from a woman who knows best what a perfect outdoor experience consists of. Uta Ibrahimi, the founder, is the woman who experienced her metamorphosis at the highest mountains in the world and decided to offer the same possibility to everyone else. Keeping you physically&mentally active, awe-struck, and fulfilled is our mission.
Butterfly Outdoor is a haven for people who want to unlock hidden natural gems and explore the beauty of their undiscovered homeland, waiting to be presented to the world. We celebrate nature since it is the mutual home of humanity. Showing respect and care for nature with every trip taken, always reminding each other that being outside is something everyone deserves to witness and benefit from, is our goal.
Why choose us

As nature admirers, we choose quality before quantity. Our aim is not to create massive groups that lose contact during the hikes and journeys, but rather smaller groups that are empowered to reach their full potential. Our groups act like one tribe with an understanding that everyone has so much to offer, share, and express.

We believe that by guiding people with recreational outdoor activities, we teach them ways to discover a better world and self. Offering a flexibility of trips and accommodations, the possibility of customizing your trip with your family or close friends is what differs us from others. Even for all the introverts out there that shy away from larger crowds and might hesitate from hiking and socializing trips, we have a solution. Butterfly offers trips for smaller crowds and you can enjoy the wonders of nature with a selection of certain people that you want to be part of your journey.

Rent gears or bikes

Besides being a tour operator that offers a full package of outdoor trips, at our office you can also rent equipment for mountain trips

  • Hiking gears,
  • Waterproof and high quality camping tents for 4/3/2 persons
    ( for 50 people),
  • Sleeping bags – Single or Double and sleeping bags for kids
    ( for 50 people),
  • Mats that can be used for a more comfortable experience inside the camp or even perform yoga outdoors.
  • BIKES: We offer 10 touring Trex Bikes + helmets with different size.
Buy the most unique and affordable souvenirs
  • We support our local artists by selling their beautiful creations made with love and creativity. You can find pins, headbands, magnets, postcards, mugs, which incorporate the colorful elements of our heritage and culture.So if you happen to be in Prishtina and want to treat yourself or your friends with small but meaningful gifts – Butterfly Outdoor Office is your stop!
Therapeutic Tours
  • BOA is the first tour operator that organizes hiking and activities for marginalized groups and survivors of trauma. Considering that outdoor activities have therapeutic qualities, we have already organized trips with autistic children, victims of rape, and other sensitive groups. Participants in such an experience often report that they feel a sense of calm and ease. Through outdoor activities, we tend to affect the self-reflection and deeper self-understanding of individuals. Self-understanding and self-reflection is a trait associated with high levels of resilience among trauma survivors. Outdoor therapies are often structured in ways that naturally promote many skills and attributes associated with strengthening resilience. By leading small groups, and combining walking, yoga, meditation, and speeches on the importance of outdoor physical activities, we offer the right conditions for building relationships that promote positive change in persons of vulnerable groups.
Biking Tours
  • BOA organizes biking tours around Kosovo for a capacity of ten people. You can bring your own bike or rent or you can rent a bike at our offices, just make sure to give us a call in advance so we can set up your bike and helmet. If you are up for something different, gather your family, colleagues, or friends and we can guide your two-wheeled trip followed by a sweet adrenaline rush.