For those who have at least once in their life visited a mountain, know that there are even more majestic in the winter season, making it hard not to simply fall in love with their beauty. Just like you, we at Butterfly Outdoor Adventure, love our mountains and we work in our mountains. As you know our CEO Uta Ibrahimi is a certified mountaineer, who has hiked, cycled, and climbed every corner of the country. She spent the past years of her life camping and sleeping in tents, and with all that knowledge how she couldn’t miss being part of the Winter Festival “Winter Tribe”. And who better to teach the participants about winter camping better than her? She knows the ins and outs of every terrain, and she can offer some of the best lessons on winter camping.

Winter Camping Tips

Tips for making camp in the snow: 

Pick a spot that’s sheltered from the wind and free of avalanche danger, then prep your tent site by packing down the snow.

Stay hydrated and eat lots of calories: 

Proper nutrition and hydration will help you stay warm. Make hot, nutritious breakfasts and dinners and enjoy quick snacks and lunches. Be sure to hydrate throughout the day.

Use gear that’s right for winter camping: 

You’ll need a sturdy tent, a warm sleeping bag, two sleeping pads and a stove suitable for cold temperatures.

Bring warmer clothing:  

Mid-weight base layers, fleece pants, a puffy coat, and a waterproof jacket and pants are standard. Don’t forget accessories like warm socks, a hat, gloves and sunglasses.

Prevent cold injuries: 

Frostbite and hypothermia are legitimate concerns while winter camping. Learn how to avoid them.

Additional tips: 

Eating food, filling a bottle with hot water and doing jumping jacks are just a few tips for staying warm on a cold night.

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