Natural Answers for Children with Autism

A walk in the mountains is not just for landscape photo-ops, it can also help people with autism find relaxation.

On Friday 21 October we had the opportunity to share something with a group of young people that we’ve known for a long time: the incredible therapeutic benefits of nature. That day we took a group of six kids from the National Association of Autism on the first of what will now be monthly hikes. It is hard to say who had more fun: the kids or us!

For some, even the ride on the bus — kindly donated by Saba Group — was a special treat. But the biggest smiles surely came when we started our hike through Germia Park.

“For our children, observing  the movement of the trees, the symmetry of the leaves, and the warmth of the sun is an incredibly calming experience,” the association’s director, Jeta Deva, explained afterwards. After seeing just how much fun the kids had on Friday, she plans to make outdoor activities an even bigger part of their therapy program in the future.

For our part, we will continue our hikes with the children and their incredible therapists the third Friday of every month, choosing a new area each time for them to explore.

“The sun that day surely melted away any initial doubts our children had about hiking,” Jeta concluded. “So will continue walking in the sun, and the rain, and even the snow to keep those smiles on their faces.”

Therapist in attendance:

Vlora Isufi, Nausika Hoxha, Arba Murataj, Fatime Sahiti, Rrezarta Mahmutaj.

And Butterfly Outdoor Adventures will be there every step of the way.

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