A holiday in Kosovo?

By Florian Sanktjohanser
Butterfly Outdoor Adventure organized a guided tour to Lufthanza Magazine and this is the article that they wrote for Kosovo:

We have had enough of martyrs and warrior kings, and drive on a few kilometers to Rugova Canyon, to see a different side of Kosovo. An Italian soldier built the first via ferrata here, 300 meters up a steep wall. “But really easy,” says Uta Ibrahimi, a wiry 33-year-old with pale-blond dreadlocks, who quit her corporate job in Kosovo and Albania to start an agency for hiking tours. We follow her across the hanging bridge and hook ourselves up to the steel rope. The route is simple, and we climb the rungs easily. The view along the gully, across wooded slopes and down to the river is spectacular. Every few minutes we hear shrieks and a hum, as someone flies along the zip line. It opened this year, along with a second via ferrata. It sound like things are set to get louder and more exciting in the mountains!

To read the rest of the article, visit: http://magazin.lufthansa.com/xx/en/travel-en/a-holiday-in-kosovo/