Follow the Butterfly

Experience the Balkans with us. From Kosovo’s warm atmosphere to Albania’s wild nature to Macedonia’s endless peaks, Butterfly Outdoor Adventure can’t get enough of this region we call home. Let it amaze you, too. Join us and the journey will take you through urban centers, idyllic villages, century-old communities, clear mountain lakes, and timeless summits. Come fly with us with us into the Breathtaking Balkans—you never be sorry.


Company philosophy

After a dozen years managing major marketing campaigns in Kosovo, Uta Ibrahimi made an executive decision. Run to the light. Her light? Exploring the beautiful landscape throughout her home, Kosovo, a small and mountainous spot on the Balkan Peninsula in Southeastern Europe. Today, Uta—a certified mountaineer, who has hiked, cycled, and climbed every corner of the country—shares that passion for adventure travel through her company: Butterfly Outdoor Adventure. Her guests are guaranteed fun and safety on tours in Kosovo, and across the region in Albania and Macedonia.

“We are not bound by time, only dawn and sunset.”


  • The trip to Peshkopi was very well organized. The combination of yoga and hiking made this trip a truly unique way to experience the area’s beautiful nature and history.”

    Floriana Bajrami, Kosovo
  • My experience with the BOA has been exceptional. I liked that the group was from a mix of different countries. We also had a great mix of activities - from hiking, to yoga, to swimming in thermal springs. I will cherish these memories for years to come

    Jehona Xhaferi, Kosovo
  • Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to explore such a beautiful country. Between the food and the outdoor adventure, I can't choose a favorite. Kosovo was certainly surprising!

    Jackie Nourse
    Travel Blogger
  • Kosovo offers spectacular mountain scenery, delicious food and friendly people who are proud of their home. It’s a raw destination that offers an authentic experience
    Casey Hanisko
    Adventure Travel Trade Association
  • An incredible destination and an amazing experience, the value of visiting Kosovo cannot be beat!
    Eric Kocaja
  • I did 50km cycling trip and rock climbing trip and it was above and beyond expectations. Both activities were challenging but the scenery was so rewarding. Uta and her guides love for the outdoors is infectious.

    Nicola Saint

Why Choose Us

Attention to Detail

Just kick back and relax because we’ve arranged everything for you. The best of Balkan cuisine, comfortable transport and accommodation, and friendly guides will round out your unforgettable experience. 


Tired of hiking? You can go on biking. Tired of biking? We can get you in a vehicle. Whatever activity you choose will give you direct access to explore the region’s mind-blowing scenery. 

Small Groups

We travel in small groups, giving you the possibility to get to know our your fellow travellers. This also keeps us flexible and allows us to cater to your individual needs. 

Local Expertise

We have assembled a team of expert local guides, who know the terrain and culture best. They will guide you through the adventure and deliver you safely to your chosen destinations.

Cultural Immersion

Alongside your active adventure you will have the opportunity to experience local customs, learn about the area’s rich history, and enjoy some exceptional food and drink in places known only to locals.