Beautiful Kosovo

A simple glance at a satellite map will show that most of Kosovo’s territory is mountainous. Though Kosovo is a fairly small country, the mountains make up 68% of the terrain. From the warmest days of the year to the freezing temperatures of winter, the terrain is suitable for every outdoor activity.



Mountain Guide

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What’s Included


Guide for the 5 days: Mountain Guide for the hiking trips in the mountains, City Guide for Prizren and Prishtina.


Breakfast in hotels and guesthouses, two dinners in Prishtina, dinner in Prizren, Gjakova, and in the guest house.




All nights accommodation in hotels of the cities and in guest houses of villages.



All the transportation from the first day arriving at the airport to all days in cities and villages until the last day back to the airport.


Via Ferrata Gears

All equipment you need for climbing is provided.


More Info

Trekking in the most beautiful parts of Kosovo: Bistra Peak, Gjeravica Peak ( the highest peak of Kosovo). Visiting the capital city of Kosovo Prishtina and the old city and friendly people of Prizren. ‘Dancing’ on the rocks via Ferrata Gears.

Day one: Prishtina-Prizren City Tour

After arriving in Prishtina we will drive to Prizren, on this day we will have the City Tour Day to the most beautiful city in Kosovo.

Prizren is a historic city located on the banks of the Lumbardhi river, and on the slopes of the Sharr Mountains in the southern part of Kosovo. Prizren has a very easy-going vibe because of the very friendly people and the fact that it’s a small town which offers you the chance to visit all of the monuments-old and new, in a very short time, by foot.

Prizren is a heady mix of Ottoman and Byzantine architecture, so it has earned an alternative name: “The Museum under the Open Sky”. The best way to see Prizren is to take the streets and wander. Historically, Prizren has been a meeting point of versatile cultures and a symbol of religious tolerance.

There are many things that are worth visiting, starting from “Marashi Park”. “Shadervani” is the main square where you can shop for souvenirs, traditional, delicious, and cheap food, and beverage, etc. Not so far from the square is the “Castle of the city”, and if you take this walk by night you will stumble upon a lot of glow-flies navigating you at the top, from where you are able to see the entire city and the view will blow away your mind- another cool spot for a picture.


Day two: Hiking Bistra Peak

Difficulty: Moderate (7 hours hiking 12-14km/1100D+)

Bistra Peak is the second-highest peak in Kosovo(2651m). Part of the Sharr Mountain Range—divided into three main zones: Brezovica; Luboten; and the central zone that includes Prizren, Bistra, and Opoja—the trail to the peak is moderate.

One of the most beautiful hikes in Kosova, the Bistra trail abounds with culture and is more than just a walk in the woods. This path, which is also part of the new trans-Balkan Via Dinarica Trail (from Slovenia to Macedonia), follows a 600-year-old trade route, which connected Skopje, Macedonia, and Prizren, Kosovo. Walking to Bistra Peak hikers pass the source of the Lumbardhi River, which bisects the town of Prizren. At the top, they are rewarded with views of the Brezovica ski center, the Albanian Alps, and Macedonia.

We will continue our trek, with a walk down and then a drive all the way to Prizren, where we will take an evening stroll and then dine in a very traditional Restaurant, Ambienti. We will sleep at the Kacinari Hotel.

Day three: Hiking Gjeravica

Difficulty: Moderate (8 hours hiking 12 km/1000D+)

This day is reserved for the most beautiful hike in Kosovo.

The Gjeravica trail offers one of the best hikes in the Kosovan highlands; at the same time, it is the highest mountain peak of Kosovo with an altitude of (2656m). The way to the peak is blessed with many glacial lakes of big and small scales. Gjeravica serves the divine purpose of offering you the chance to swim and feel as if you were flying, mainly because of its clean, high altitude (2,330 )m formation of a lake, which mirrors the picturesque 360° panorama that surrounds this lake which originates from the Erenik River. At the top of Gjeravica, you can catch sight of Albania, Montenegro, and Kosovo in one magnificent gaze. Gjeravica peak stands out like a queen standing proud at its high throne. It is breath-taking and not so hard to climb for beginners; it is between rocks and dominated by the color green all the way.

Day four: Via Ferrata-Zip Line

On this day we gonna drive from Drelaj to Peja and then to Rugova to do Via Ferrata and then the Zip Line.

In the Rugova Canyon just outside of Peja, in 2014 Kosovo built the first via Ferrata. The via Ferrata is a 100-meter vertical climb, so if you’re an outdoor activity enthusiast- you’d really regret not taking this trip. Because of this terrain’s rocky structure, this hike often feels like dancing or a Zumba class with the rocks. You don’t have to be a professional climber to take this trail because you will use the stairs for climbing, and you don’t have to be a professional dancer to dance with rocks either because the performance is made on the stairway to the peak.


Day five: Prishtina City Tour

This day is reserved for a lovely city tour. Prishtina is known for good social and nightlife and for creating an atmosphere a visitor isn’t likely to forget. With Kosovo’s population being predominantly young, youth has become the city’s biggest attraction.

During this city tour, we will be visiting several of the beautiful mosques the city has to offer, as well as the grand Mother Teresa Cathedral. We will pay homage to the New-born monument, which was created in honour of our independence as a new country in 2008. Also, we will stroll down the pedestrian-only promenade, where we can shop, stop for a coffee, and view the Skenderbeg monument. We will walk through the green market, which is always hustling and bustling with locals shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as household items. After the city tour, we will finish the day with a traditional dinner at Restaurant Tiffany and then driving to the airport.





Hotels and Guest Houses



Note: The actual itinerary and the duration of the activities are subject to change due to group abilities and preferences, weather conditions, and forecasts, road conditions, etc. For further details about the itinerary, please write to us at


  • People: 15-20
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Duration: 4 nights/5 days
  • When to do: All year