Kika Peak 1156m

Hiking trip in Kamenica / Kika Peak is a trip that takes you to many activities: visiting wind turbines, bird watching, and horse visits to the Ranch.

Mountain Guide

Uta IbrahimiKosovo

Wildlife Photographer

Arian MavriqiKosovo
What’s Included


Professional mountain guide, friendly and English-speaking

Lunch bags

Sandwich and fresh fruits


You will be transferred from Prishtina to Hogosht village

More Info

The territory of the Municipality of Kamenica belongs to the central area of the old Rhodope Mountains. Kika Peak is located in this municipality, characterized by an altitude of 1156m. Also, this is suitable terrain for wind energy where exactly at this peak the experiment with wind turbines is taking place.

From the springs of the Kika Mountains flow soft/oligomineral waters (with low minerality) that affect the preservation of human health.


  • The departure is by bus from Prishtina, to Kamenica and then to Hogosht.
  • From Prishtina to Kamenica we travel for 1 hour. In Kamenica we stop for a short break. We will continue for another 30 minutes from Kamenica to our starting point in Hogosht, where we will stop to prepare and get acquainted with the daily program from where we start the climb to the top of Kika.
  • Hiking trails start from the village of Hogosht to the top of Kika, located in the eastern part of the village, the terrain of this climb is characterized mostly by forest terrain.
  • From the top of Kika, we will continue the return route by bus, on the way we will stop at Joni Ranch where we will have the opportunity to enjoy the performance of the guests.


Hogosht, Kamenicë

Note: The actual itinerary and the duration of the activities are subject to change due to group abilities and preferences, weather conditions, and forecasts, road conditions, etc.For further details about the itinerary, please write to us on


  • People: 4-16
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Duration: 6-8 hours
  • When to do: May through October