Montenegro, a country on the coast of the Balkans, the dramatic nature contrast between the mountains and the coastline, will leave you speechless. The variety of ecosystems that are offered in Montenegro allows you to relish different experiences in the same country. Each town around the Mediterranean coastline tells a story of its own. You will have the chance to see unforgettable views of the sea and the most beautiful sunset. You can try delicious home-made food and fish dishes, with a taste that you will never forget. For all adventure seekers, Montenegro has the most unexplored and gorgeous mountains to hike, they have high peaks, which makes a perfect challenge for the enthusiast hikers. When it comes to remarkable lakes, they offer the perfect spot for picnics and boating on each season. Montenegro has been a meeting point of different cultural and religious influences over history, leaving it with a rich cultural heritage sourcing from the Albanian, Turkish and Slavic roots. That makes for a special experience culturally wise.

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